Marathon Mont-Blanc 2024


Races difficulty

Mont Blanc Marathon races are located in mountains, on technicals trails with a lot of positive elevation. To participate to the races we recommend to have a good mountain experience, be at ease on every kind of trail and to be autonomous during several hours. It is generally considered that 100m of positive elevation is equivalent to an additional kilometer. We recommend to take into account this alert about the difference of heights before registrating to one of our races.

Maximum 22 years old
Minimum 18 years old

At the finish line, you will have a hot-dog. 
To be able to have the right quantities of meat/vegetarian sausages, we need to know if you eat meat or not. 



In order to pursue its environmental approach, the organization has decided to stop automatically offering the runner t-shirt. For this, we offer you the choice between receiving or not the t-shirt. In case you do not want the t-shirt, we will donate the corresponding amount for environmental actions.

You therefore have two choices:

- receive a t-shirt
- donate its cost in favor of the planet

Earth says "thank you!" 


If your registration appears as "incomplete"it means you need to upload a proof document on our partner website Dokeop.

You must upload on our partner web site one of the documents, on our partner website Dokeop before 31st May 2024.


Order now an adhesive plate which wil be engraved with your name and the time of your race at the Mont Blanc Marathon. It will be engraved and sent via postal service after the event.

Club des Sports de Chamonix supports causes that matter to it :
The Chamonix Sports Club is an association declared “public utility” and can provide the proof of donation to lighten the tax returns. In France the donor benefits from a tax deduction of 66% of the given amount, within a limit of 20% of his taxable income.
Support the sports projects
of the young children of
Club des Sports de Chamonix
Run for the pleasure
and give to move medical
research forward.




Unit price 1€ 
Unit price 1€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 1000)

Transporting runners from their homes to Chamonix is ​​the post with the biggest carbon footprint of the event.

In our perspective of reducing the environmental impact of the Marathon du Mont-Blanc, we strongly invite you to calculate the carbon emissions of your journey below and compensate for it.

You can now enter the number of kilos of CO2 emitted by your journey in the box below (remember to multiply the figure by 2 to have the equivalent of your round trip).

1 kilo of CO2 = 0.03€

The system will then automatically calculate the amount to be paid to offset the carbon footprint of your journeys and add it to your basket.

To ensure the security of your payment, the amount will be paid to the organization directly, which will then transfer the total amount of all participants to the two selected associations : Sylv'Acctes and CREA Mont-Blanc.  

Unit price 0.03€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 10000)

Be sure to succeed in your race with your personalized training plan and specific advices on your smartphone.
More info here.


To confirm your registration, please read and accept the rules of the event.

If you do not have individual accident insurance, you can take out one via our partner assur-connect. Subscription, prices and conditions click here.



Please note, please take note of the bib collection times depending on the races before registering:

  • 90km of Mont-Blanc: No bibs distributed on Friday morning before the start of the race.
  • KM Vertical: No bib distributed after 4:00 p.m. on Friday.
  • 23km of Mont-Blanc: No bibs distributed on Saturday morning before the start of the race.
  • 10km of Mont-Blanc: No bibs distributed after 9:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.
  • Mini Cross: The bibs are distributed on the Vaincre les Maladies Lysosomales (VML) stand at the trail camp show. No bibs distributed after 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • Duo Etoilé: No bibs distributed after 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.
  • 42km Mont-Blanc and Young Race Marathon: No bibs distributed on Sunday morning before the start of races.