Full Moon trail 2024


Personnal information

Minimum 18 years old

Emergency contact

Medical certificate

For Athletic Competition, Athletic Business or Athletic Running licenses, you just need to enter your license number. You do not need to upload any attachment.

For the other licenses issued by the FFA (Health, Management and Discovery), the number is not sufficient, it only allows you to link your results to your FFA profile.

"Pass' I like running" issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid on the date of the event.

Sports license, valid on the date of the event, on which must appear, the non contraindication to the practice of sports in competition, athletics in competition or running in competition and issued by one of the following federations:

    Federation of Defense Clubs (FCD)
    French Federation of Adapted Sports (FFSA)
    French Federation of Handisport (FFH)
    National Police Sports Federation (FSPN)
    Sports Federation of ASPTT
    French Sports and Cultural Federation (FSCF)
    French Federation of Sports and Gymnastics at Work (FSGT)
   French Union of Secular Physical Education Works (UFOLEP)

Please note! Your medical certificate must be less than one year old at the date of the competition AND mention the absence of contraindication to the practice of:

  • "sports in competition" OR
  • "athletics in competition" OR
  • "running in competition"

5Mb max

Options / Transport

Unit price 8€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 1000)

I engage myself in race rules respect

I engage myself in ecoresponsible chart respect