Echappée Belle 2024


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You're about to register for a nice Echappée Belle 2024 adventure, full of rocks and nice volunteers all along the path ! 

For this 12th edition, we need some informations, for your safety but also to make sure your adventure will be great, before, during and after Echappée Belle 2024 ! 

Let's go ! 

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For the non FFA licensees: please upload a medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of the sport, or Athletics, in competition dating less than one year on the day of the event

(the mentions "trail", "running" in competition are not accepted)

Medical certificate template

Coming to the Echappee Belle


With friends, family, alone... by train, bike or car, you will come and visit the Belledonne massif during this 12th edition.

For the 2nd year in a row, we are participating in the Trail by Train Tour circuit, which aims to highlight races accessible by rail transport.



So we'll be waiting for you in Aiguebelle to give you your bib. Please, choose a pick-up time.

Before the big start


 What you're thinking about on the start line....

So that you can be ranked, followed and above all timed, please fill in these elements.

Minimum 20 years old
During the race


 Pebbles'atmosphere in Belledonne

For security reasons, we need those informations below!!


In addition to the chrono tracking offered by the organization, we offer optional GPS tracking so that your companions know exactly where you are during the race. 

Unit price 10€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 10)
Unit price 11€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 10)

This year, you can donate to Humacoop association; Humacoop-Amel France aims to promote international and local solidarity with a large network. Several events are organized : exhibitions, post-screening discussions, training courses, cultural and sport events. 

More informations about Humacoop

Unit price 1€ 
(Minimum 0 - Maximum 500)

In the registration price, we insure you for the entire race. In partnership with ANCEF, we offer you annual insurance for your outdoor activities (MOUNTAIN PASSPORT). More information below: